S.W.E.R. is a proud member group of the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)
  S.W.E.R. is supported by the Center for American Progress/Campus Progress

S.W.E.R's Mission

S.W.E.R. is an organization founded by undocumented immigrant youth for the liberation of the oppressed. We work to create possibilities and raise awareness in our communities about social justice and equal access to education, satisfying the needs of all individuals with a passion to further their knowledge, by means of grassroots organizing, political education, alliance building, nonviolent direct action and civic engagement. The values that inspire our action are personal growth, youth leadership, and achieving justice and equality through the power of solidarity.

S.W.E.R's Vision

The vision of S.W.E.R. is to sustain a youth-led movement for equal educational opportunities in a world free of fear and unjust criminalization.

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